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Local Government Primer

A Basic overview of local Government

Council meeting schedule - View on Cogeco 13 - truly local television.

Local government in Kingston is responsible for a number of areas affecting the life of local residents on a daily basis. Authority for local government is administered under the Ontario Municipal Act. The Ontario Education Act governs local school boards.

The Corporation of the City of Kingston is responsible for local land use planning process. Planning instruments, policies and controls are introduced are established both locally and provincially.

The official plan and the zoning by-law are prepared by local government. Planning is further administered by the procedures and practices of committees of adjustment, land division committees and consent authorities when considering applications considering minor variances, legal non-conforming uses and consents.

Key Planning areas affected or administered directly by local government include:
The statutory framework for land use planning in Ontario
The nature and key components of the official plan (OP). There are currently three plans which are in the process of being merged.
The specific stages and responsibilities in the official plan approval process
Zoning by-law
The various steps and requirements in the zoning by-law approval process
The nature and purposes of site plan control, and how it differs from zoning
The appointment, powers & operating procedures of a committee of adjustment
Minor variances
Changes in use which are possible in legal non-conforming uses
Controlling the subdivision of land through subdivision plans or by consents
The appointment, powers & operating procedures of consent authorities

Residential Services
Fire & Rescue Services
Kingston Police
Emergency Preparedness Survey
Social Services
Accessibility Planning
Ontario Works
Rideaucrest Residence
Children's Services
Kingston Entitlement Access Program (KEAP)
P.R.O. Kids
Child Care
Healthy Community
Affordable Housing
Kingston Model for Affordable Housing Development
Culture and Recreation
Grand Theatre
Kingston Blooms
Recreation Programs
MacLachlan Museum
Public Library
Planning & Development
Building Permits
Transportation Master Plan
Urban Growth Strategy
Waterfront Strategy
Budget & Taxes
Tax Assistance
Agricultural Drains
Biosolid Management
Cataraqui River Project
Pesticides Q & A
Pollution Control
Bicycle Racks
Kingston Transit
Transportation Master Plan
Cycling & Pathways
Streets & Sidewalks
Pedestrian Crosswalks
Kingston Access Bus
Solid Waste
Waste Overview
Large Articles
Hazardous Waste
Yard Waste
Licences & Permits
Building and Demolition Permits and Inspections
Birth Registration
Building Permits
Marriage License
Pet Licences
Plumbers & Electricians
Business Licences
Kingston Public Market
Fence Viewer
Livestock Kill
Norman Rogers Airport
Business Administration
Economic Development
Industrial Land Sales
Business Licences
Building Permit
Fence Viewer
Livestock Kill
Electricians & Plumbers licensing
Kingston Public Market
Municipal Administration and Policy
Accessibility Advisory Committee
Kingston Environmental Advisory Forum
Heritage Advisory
Community Services Committee
Operations Committee
Planning Committee
Planning & Development Services Committee
Parking Advisory Committee (PAC)
Review Of Services
Solid Waste Task Force
Large Venue Entertainment Centre (LVEC)
Municipal Accommodation Master Plan
Municipal Freedom of Information and Personal Privacy Act administration
Provincial Offences Court
Provincial Offences Q&A
Pay Online
Community and Visitor Services
Confederation Basin
Olympic Harbour
Other Areas of Local Government Responsibility
The administration and collection of local property taxes, fees, charge and imposts
Licensing of taxis
Utilities Kingston
Public Library
Health Unit
Kingston Economic Development Corporation

Local Administration of the Ontario Municipal Elections Act
The next municipal election will be in November 2006

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Publications and Guides