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City Council - Election Financing Reform

 •   Campaign for Fair Election Financing Now gets quick response
 •   Eighteen Corporations Charged for Over-Contributions to Hamilton Mayor
 •   Election Charges Laid by Hamilton City Council
 •   Election Finance - GTHBA-UDI merger bad news...
 •   Fair Election Financing Now – a Campaign for More Democracy at Hamilton City Hall
 •   Hamilton - Charges against mayor don't reflect all illegal donations
 •   Hamilton Campaign Audit Report Finds more problems with Di Anni Campaign
 •   Hamilton Compliance Audit Decision Strengthens Citizen Rights
 •   Hamilton Mayor returns 56 campaign donations
 •   Hamilton Mayor’s campaign donors in court on Tuesday
 •   Labour council calls for election financing reform
 •   London City Council takes no action on compliance audit report
 •   Petition to Change Municipal Election Finance Law
 •   Voter-Owned Elections: What Worked, What Didn't, and What Do We Really Want?
 •   Who contributed in the 2003 Kingston Municipal Election?