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Health and Social Services - Housing

 •   Affordable Housing Controversy - how should it be funded?
 •   Cities and affordable housing
 •   Cities Can Get Long-Term Affordable Housing Through Community Land Trusts, Lincoln Institute Report
 •   Community based housing, the better way
 •   Growing Old Together - new housing options
 •   Housing in Kingston
 •   How to Apply for Not-for-Profit Housing
 •   How to encourage multifamily projects and higher densities
 •   Kingston average rents increase - vacancy rate unchanged at 2.4%
 •   Not-for-Profit Housing in Kingston: Background
 •   Ontario Legislature set to debate NDP Bill to allow inclusionary zoning
 •   Senior Cohousing: A Community Approach To Independent Living
 •   Toronto Housing Corporation keeps building miracles
 •   What's Beautiful, Green, Affordable, And In Skid Row?
 •   Where's Home? 2005: A Picture of Housing Needs