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Intentional Communities - Kat Kinkade: 1930-2008

This Article is By: Laird Schaub    On  Jul. - 12, 2008


Intentional Communities

Kat Kinkade: 1930-2008

News from The Fellowship for Intentional Community

by Laird Schaub

The Communities Movement lost a giant July 3 when Twin Oaks member and author Kat Kinkade died quietly at her home community, surrounded by family and friends. She was 77 and succumbed to complications from bone cancer, which she had been battling for several years.

She was buried at Twin Oaks, one of the best-known intentional communities in the US, and a place she helped found in 1967. Kat also helped found East Wind (Tecumseh MO) in 1974 and Acorn (Mineral VA) in 1993. All three communities survive her, as does her daughter Josie and her granddaughter Lee Ann.

Outside of Twin Oaks, Kat is perhaps best-known as the author of A Walden Two Experiment (1973), chronicling Twin Oaks' first five years and Is It Utopia Yet? (1994), reporting on Twin Oaks after 26 years. They remain classics today, affording lay readers a rare glimpse into the everyday life of an intentional community. It covers everything from politics to sex; power dynamics to work systems--all in a readable narrative that is both frank and thoughtful.


Kate Kincade
Photo from Twin OaksCommunity archives, circa 1970.

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