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Citizen Participation - How Delray Beach Saved Itself

This Article is By: Otis White, Civic Strategies    On  Jan. - 02, 2007

How Delray Beach Saved Itself and Found Great Leadership Along the Way

Otis White, Civic Strategies

In 1995, Otis White visited the small South Florida city of Delray Beach to write about the city's remarkable turnaround. He found the turnaround story he was seekin and much, much more. As it turned out, Delray hadn't just revived itself along the way, it had created a whole new philosophy of local government, based on neighborhood decision-making, shared responsibility and intense citizen involvement.

Nearly 10 years later, Otis checked in with Delray Beach again to see how the experiment in shared responsibility was coming along. Not only was it alive and well, he found, but the commitment to neighborhood decision-making and citizen involvement has only deepened; and may offer a way out for cities that are suffering from division and apathy.

Our advice: Read the first article, then the update. Together, they paint a portrait of a remarkable place; a city that the Palm Beach Post once called as close to ideal as it gets

To download the 1995 article, "How Delray Beach Saved Itself and Found Great Leadership Along the Way, please click here.

To download the 2004 update, Delray Beach Revisited, please click here.

Note: Both are in Adobe Acrobat formats.