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Report on the King's Town All Candidates Meeting, October 30, 2006

This Article is By: Kingston Electors    On  Nov. - 01, 2006

King's Town District All Candidates Meeting Report, October 30, 2006


by Kingston Electors,Volunteer Reporting Team

King's Town candidate Mark Potter must have been thankful the temperature at Artillery Park was turned down low as those in attendance at the candidate’s meeting were quick to turn up the heat.

But that was about the only thing that was on his side – that, and a couple of obvious plants from outside the district who lobbed softballs for him to hit, but for which nobody in attendance seemed impressed with in the least.

To be fair, it took a bit of courage for Mr. Potter to take time out of campaigning to attend this event hosted by the McBurney Park Neighbourhood Association. This, after all, is an association that is well organized and vocal in its opposition to various aspects of the LVEC and a group that Mr. Potter alienated well before announcing his intentions to run when he wrote a letter in the newspaper suggesting that the NIMBY’s should move if they don’t like the LVEC.

On the other hand, it was evident before the night even got under way that the left leaning Rob Hutchison was going to be the crowd favourite. The third candidate, Sean Molloy, wasn’t in attendance for reasons unknown at the time. He has since withdrawn from campaigning and will support Rob Hutchison. Well spoken, charismatic, on top of the issues that are of most concern to the Association, the night resembled more of a pep rally than a debate between candidates who were trying to woo undecided voters.

There were some sparks and mud slung, but it was Mr. Potter who left sullied. An “outsider” who doesn’t live in the district and an unabashed supporter of Rosen’s LVEC, it is unlikely that any of the 60+ people in attendance will be casting a vote his way. Judging from Mr. Potter’s body language, with his hands on hips as he responded to questions that were slung at him like arrows, there is little doubt that he was rethinking his decision to attend the event.

Please Note:

Reports on election events are provided by Kingston Electors to help further discussions and debate on municipal issues. The observations, comments or opinions expressed are those of the reporter and do not necessarily reflect those of Kingston Electors.

-- Kingston Electors