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Bill Glover Campaign Issues - Candidate Sydenham District

This Article is By: Bill Glover    On  Sep. - 22, 2006

Bill Glover Campaign Issues - Candidate Sydenham District

Bill Glover

My campaign is all about engaging Sydenham District voters in a meaningful discussion about what kind of City we all want, and can afford and where we need to improve civic government, and the City itself if we’re going to get there.

If I’m elected, your voice and what you think about the issues will never be absent from the Council table.

Please get in touch with me directly and let me have your ideas about both the campaign and how we can make Kingston a better, and not just a bigger place to live.

Bill Glover

Priorities for tomorrow.

Bill Glover says that, if elected, his vision of Kingston tomorrow will help guide his decisions as your Councillor over the next four years.

  • A better Kingston is not necessarily a bigger Kingston; rather, we must build on our unique strengths.
  •  We must develop our economy, land, and communities in both a responsible, and sustainable manner.
  •  We must create a visitor- and user-friendly waterfront, and nurture and protect our heritage assets. Both are pillars of our tourism industry, itself a major component of our economic life. They are also integral to our quality of life which is a significant attraction for people and businesses moving here.

It’s time to put the taxpayer first.

The next City Council will be in office in Kingston for four years.

Four years to listen to what people in Sydenham District want, to understand their opinions, respect the taxpayer’s dollar and get the City’s business done right is one thing, and that’s exactly what Bill Glover will do.

Or, four years to ignore Sydenham constituents, while paving the way for more big projects and big deals using your tax dollars and making things worse for Sydenham taxpayers is something else. Bill Glover says that’s unacceptable.

Bill Glover believes that it’s time to change Kingston City Council’s biggest priority from using public money, your money to enhance private sector profit to keeping a very close control on spending, including having in place effective oversight over ongoing LVEC construction costs.

We must support sustainable economic development and invest prudently in the revitalisation of the physical and social infrastructure of the City’s neighbourhoods and communities.

Bill Glover says that City Council has to stop operating on the basis of “Full speed ahead and damn the taxpayer”.

Kingston needs a new Official Plan.

Completing a new Official Plan and Zoning By-law based on our Urban Growth Strategy, the Downtown Action Plan, the Downtown Residential Review, the Waterfront Strategy and a heritage policy which protects and enhances the nineteenth century fabric of our City has to be front and centre when the new Council gets to work.

It won’t prevent bad development by itself, only

City Council can do that, but it’s at least a badly-needed and too-long-delayed starting point.

About Bill Glover.

Bill Glover was born in Winnipeg, graduated from Queen’s University and the University of London. He is a retired naval officer and an active maritime historian.

He chose to live in Kingston because of longstanding family connections, and his desire to live in a vibrant and attractive waterfront city of both reasonable scale and great potential.

Bill Glover has been both Vice-Chair and Chair of the Sydenham Ward Tenants’ and Ratepayers’ Association.

He has been a member of both the former Kingston Parking Advisory and the Downtown Residential Review Committees; he attends (as an observer) City Council meetings and those of the Urban Committee of Adjustment.

For more about Bill Glover and the campaign, please visit the campaign website at:

Please get involved

You can help elect Bill Glover to Kingston City Council.

  • Volunteer to help Bill canvass.
  • Ask your neighbours in to meet Bill Glover.
  • Help with sign locations.
  • Make a financial contribution to the campaign.

Please contact us directly and let us know how you’d like to help elect Bill Glover and we’ll welcome you on board.

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