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Brian Evoy - Williamsville Campaign Media Release

This Article is By: Brian Evoy    On  Sep. - 17, 2006


With YOUR help things can CHANGE

Media Release

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Evoy to Run in Williamsville District

Former city counsellor Brian Evoy today announced his intention to run for council in Williamsville District.

(text of speech)

Kingston, Ontario – I am pleased to announce my intention to seek election to City Council in Williamsville District.

I have been asked, “Why am I running for election”? What really provoked me to run is the lack of control on the city budget; our municipal taxes have risen 33% over the past three years. This is almost a 10%+ increase each year and yet most of our citizens have less disposable income and our city services have not improved. I asked myself how do senior citizens or even young families who enjoy living in their own homes and apartments make ends meet. Another reason for running is the financial overruns on projects and City Council determined in the Grand Theatre project that no one was responsible. Well I ask the question, “Who is asleep at the wheel?”

I am anxious to bring real representation back to Williamsville. As their representative, I will bring to the position my experience as a former councillor and look forward putting that experience to work for the residents of this community. I want my children to enjoy the same feeling of community that I felt growing up in this great city. I know that some difficult choices lie ahead for city council and I am anxious to face those challenges and to utilize my experience for the improvement of Williamsville and of Kingston.

Throughout this campaign I will be listening to the residents of Williamsville and talking about the needs of the district and the many important issues facing the next council. I also decided to seek election because of the strong encouragement from friends and citizens who know Williamsville and really care about this community.

As YOUR Councillor I will:

1. Represent the voice of the people of Williamsville, bring forth their concerns and striving to make this district attractive, more desirable and economically vital working for improvements to Princess Street not only from economic point of view but also to improving the cosmetic appeal thus encouraging a wide function of services.

2. Promote the successful revitalization of the Memorial Centre and grounds as put forth by the Memorial Centre Community Committee.

3. Serve with integrity. The constituents of Williamsville have felt ignored and passed over by the present representative. I assure you this will not happen on my watch, as I intend to be available, listening and acting on your behalf, giving all the time and energy it will take.

I really care about this community. With your help things can change!

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Brian Evoy