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Glenn Barnes, Municipal Councillor Candidate Information

This Article is By: Glenn Barnes    On  Jul. - 07, 2006

July 6, 2006

To: Kingston Electors

Re: Glenn, Barnes, Municipal Councillor Candidate Information

In response to your request for municipal councillor candidate information for the upcoming November 2006 election, I am pleased to present to you for posting on the Kingston Electors website my motivation for candidacy for the Williamsville district councillor.

My motivation in running for the Williamsville district councillor in the upcoming 2006 municipal election is founded on the values of fostering and advancing good open local governance and to uphold and aid with the goals raised by residents of this district. These values and goals include:

o         Local representation with the commitment to supporting and addressing local matters;

o         Uphold open governance with the commitment to enhancing accountability and transparency of the municipality and to its operations. This can be further improved by maintaining the rights under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, ensuring that minutes be recorded at all closed meetings and by appointing an appropriate person to investigate and provide a report when it is in doubt that these requirements are not being performed;

o         Strengthen the role and responsibilities of council for greater oversight in the operations of the municipality;

o         Advance initiatives for capitalizing on Provincial and Federal funding programs including public transit;

o         Uphold health, safety and well-being initiatives with the commitment to enhancing existing public spaces and accessibility for everyone throughout Kingston;

o         Improve existing road infrastructure;

o         Commitment to continued dialogue with the residents of the Williamsville District.

To accomplish these values and goals, I will draw from my 18 years of municipal experience, training, education and community involvement. To expand on this, my municipal experience has exposed me to a broad range of acts and regulations affecting municipalities today most notably the Municipal Act, Planning Act and the Building Code Act. To ensure I remain up to date with recent legislative changes and new approaches to governing, I am a active member of some exceptional professional associations including Association of Managers, Clerks and Treasures of Ontario accredited with Certified Municipal Manager (CMO) publicized by AMCTO as the most comprehensive accreditation program for those involved in municipal government. With respect to my current community involvement, I sit as a member of the Memorial Centre Revitalization Advisory Committee.

I hope to have the opportunity to converse with your members personally over the next several months.

Thank you,

Glenn Barnes